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The Champions of Character program encourages student-athletes to discover the character traits that are within your control and identify steps you can take before, during and after the contest to intentionally incorporate those traits into your heart and mind. Student-athletes who develop a champion mindset become better athlete, teammate, community member and employee. 

Playing from the Inside-Out: Developing Mental Toughness

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Are you committed to being a Champion of Character

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One of the first things competitors should do is to work with their coach to establish realistic expectations. Before you meet with your coach to discuss expectations you need to answer some questions.

Elite level competitors play from the inside out. They don't let others stand in the way of what they want most. Many competitors play from the outside in. They let a number of things stand in the way of what they want most. Most of all they let the actions of others affect their actions.

Elite level competitors play from the inside out. Playing from the inside-out is the belief that my effort matters. Inside-out competitors don't let others or a lack of resources stand in their way.

Sportsmanship - Play the Best to be the Best
Sportsmanship is more than shaking hands after a contest. We would all like to win every contest. But what if winning every contest meant competing against the worst competition in your area. How good would you be become? 

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