Character Driven Coaching Course

What do coaches say?

"The online training broke down multiple things for me that I wasn't fully aware of. The training explained several different techniques to help me go from being a good coach to becoming a great coach."

"I am always looking to expand my knowledge and the training has given me an unique advantage in teaching our youth character through basketball."

Join the more than 12,000 coaches who have learned to incorporate character development into their coaching philosophy and teach it along with the X's and O's

Character Driven Coaching is a free online training course designed to help coaches from youth sports to intercollegiate athletics examine their coaching philosophy and create their own plan for using teachable moments to build character.

What am I going to learn?

DEFINE the value and how it relates to the sport and be able to translate off the field. 

MODEL the value by rehearsing it in practice.  Think of all the different situations the value could occur, and practice what you expect vs. the incorrect behavior.

SHAPE the value by explaining what is acceptable to you as the coach.

REINFORCE the value.  Recognize the value being used by the athlete.  

WALK AWAY with your own customized practice plan for using teachable moments.

How does it work?

• Available 24 hours a day; takes approximately two hours to complete.

• Work at your own pace. If you log off, the course remembers where you left. All work is saved, and you can review it any time.

• Upon completion, you can print your plan for teaching character and a certificate of completion.