The Role of Parents in Athletics

Parents' actions greatly contribute to the character development and success of their student athlete. Champions of Character program teaches parents how to support their student athlete on and off the field of competition.

"Put 'em in the Game" by knowing your role before, during and after competition.

As a parent, how well do you currently understand and demonstrate the five core values? Get an idea by taking the survey.

Has your coach set up a pre-season parents meeting?  If so, make it a priority to attend. 

If your child's coach has not heard of Champions of Character, introduce them to "Coaches Can Make a Difference."


Take time to watch these videos:

One of the first things parents should do is talk to their competitor about expectations for the upcoming season.

Release Them to the Game
One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to let go and release them to their activity. Parents should first make sure their child is physically and emotionally safe. Once parents have determined that their child is physically and emotionally safe in a high school activity, they should release them to the game. Releasing athletes to the activity means giving your athlete over to the expertise of the coach and program.

Modeling Poise and Confidence
During a game there are three things a parent can do to inspire better play on the field.

Time and Space
Over the years the Champions of Character process has examined the role of parents in sports.

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