How to get started

The Champions of Character program is designed to help those influenced by sports programs to know the right thing, do the right thing, and value the right thing inside of and outside of the sports setting. 

Champions of Character has something for everyone. Champions of Character messages are intended for all who are involved in a student's sports experience from administrators who run the organization to the parents and fans in the stands.

Which role do you play in athletics? Select the button to learn more about your role and how you can bring Champions of Character to your organization.

For coaches we offer the Character Driven Coaching Course where you can learn how to define, model, shape, and reinforce the five core values into your practices.

Administrators are presented with  a step-by-step process for how your athletics program can integrate Champions of Character into each team, the campus and community.

Parents discuss the importance of how they interact with their their students/players before, during and after the game.

Student-athletes will learn to promote positive choices and values in their sport and everyday lives.