Administrators: Run a Better Organization

As an administrator, you have a great opportunity to raise the bar of your sport organization/department.   If character development is not your first priority, all other priorities are at risk.  With the Champions of Character program you'll be able to help define, model, shape, and reinforce the five core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership for your organization. 

Let's get started.  All materials are free, we just ask that you let us know you are using them.  Contact the NAIA and let us know how many people you reached and the impact it has on your program.  

As an athletics administrator, how well do you currently understand and demonstrate the five core values? Get an idea by taking the survey.

How did you do? How about your organization? What's its "curb appeal?"  

Have you taken the free online Character Driven Coaching training course? If not, then do this now. You'll want to support your coaches by understanding the training and help with the followup on their implementation plans.



Next, review the resources to determine how Champions of Character and the five core values can be incorporated into current activities and meetings

Do you have an area NAIA institution in your area?  Click the logo to find which NAIA schools are near you.

Partner with a local NAIA institution. Ask for their Champions of Character liaison to help develop and reinforce your Champions of Character program. 


Are you looking for game management strategies that reflect the five core character values?  Look no further!  


Reinforce your commitment to Champions of Character and your sport organization/department by giving out these Champions of Character awards. 

• National Student-Athlete Day Award — Present this award to the student-athlete who best demonstrates the five core values on this annual celebration on April 6th.

• Present the Sportsmanship Day award which is celebrated on the first Tuesday in March.

Take time to watch and show these videos to coaches, parents, and student-athletes.

Use the video series discussion guide to follow along.

Promote your program with PA announcements. Use Champions of Character announcements to reinforce the message with your players, plarents and fans during athletic contests. 


Hire for character.  Again, character be your first priority even when filling a part-time and/or volunteer coaching position.  Here are ways to ask specific core value questions to get the heart of who you are hiring.   


Does your school board need to approve your program?  These documents have been created with that in mind.  


Click here to order additional materials. 


Tell us on Facebook how your organization is implementing Champions of Character and what positive changes that occur.  Have you awarded coaches, parents, and/or players in your organization with a Character award?  Tell us their story!