Coaches Can Make a Difference

As a coach you have a great opportunity to help kids have a great sports experience.  An experience that is meaningful, challenging, educational, and fun.  With the Champions of Character program you will be able to help define, model, shape, and reinforce the five core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership for your team.  Let's get started. 

As a coach, how well do you currently understand and demonstrate the five core values? Get an idea by taking the survey.  

Have you taken the free online Character Driven Coaching training course? If not, then do this now. 

Review and sign the coach's code to uphold the Champions of Character values.  Review the student-athlete checklist to determine how they demonstrate the five core values and start developing your practice plans.  Use the plan you created from the Character Driven Training course.  You may want to include team building activities that are specific to the five core values. Specific discussion guides are available. 


Before every season, have a parent's meeting so they know your expectations for the season.  Use this meeting to introduce the five core values and explain your intention to intentionally teach character this season.  You will also want to refer them to "What Can Parents Do?" so they can get a better understanding of how to support you, but most importantly support their child. 

Take time to watch these videos:

Setting Expectations
One of the first things a coach should do is to sit down with their athlete and activities participants and discuss expectations for the upcoming season. The Champions of Character process understands that difficulties arise when unrealistic expectations are set by a studuent or their parents.

How to Teach Character
Coach- if character development is not your first priority then your other priorities are at risk. If our athletes and activities participants are to learn character through sports activities then it must be intentionally coached.

Playing Time
Effective coaches and ineffective coaches have faced the accusation of not being fair when it comes to assigning playing time.

Society wants winners. More importantly they want winners now and as a result many coaches look to the scoreboard as the finish line. The key for effective coaches is shifting from those commonly held beliefs about scoreboard success to behaviors associated with winning.

Promote your program with PA announcements. Use Champions of Character announcements to reinforce the messages with your players, parents and fans during athletic contests.

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