Spend your morning with basketball, character and sports medicine experts to review the Xs and Os, to learn about injury prevention and how to make a difference with character so this basketball season will be your team's best ever!  

Sponsored by the Champions of Character Foundation and Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.

Highlights from the Oct. 12, 2013 Coach it Right! Basketball Clinic

Date: October 12, 2013
Time: 8:30 am to 12 pm.  
Check in begins at 8:30 am. 

Location: University Academy
6801 Holmes, K.C. MO. 64131

Cost:  FREE 

Receive a FREE Better Basketball Video on Demand ($40 value.) 

Win a great door prize including Better Basketball DVDs, Champions of Character presentations for your school, organization or team,  a first-aid kit and All Tournament tickets to the Buffalo Funds-NAIA Men's Division I Basketball National Championship.

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For more information contact
Kristin Gillette
 816.595.8104 or
Kathy Busch or 816.595.8101

Rick Torbett

Keynote Speaker: Coach Rick Torbett
A former NAIA basketball standout and longtime successful high school coach, Rick Torbett's Better Basketball training programs have gained acclaim in the basketball coaching community. Rick created player development videos like Better Shooting, Better Ballhandling, Better Passing, followed by the popular Read & React Offense. He then partnered with NBA Coaching Legend Dick Helm on a system of teaching and evaluating defense called Dynamic Defense.

Positionless Basketball and Player Development
Coach Rick Torbett,
Better Basketball
Rick Torbett will show you how to remove the constraints of position-based basketball and replace the traditional paradigm of Set Plays with a free-flowing offensive system that many are calling the "Future of Basketball". When your team can hide their weaknesses and play to their strengths, Player Development takes on more meaning and moves from a broad, general topic to very specific skill sets that can be drilled every day.

Preventing Knee and Ankle Injuries
Greg Canty, MD,
Medical Director, Center for Sports Medicine, Children's Mercy
Ankle and knee injuries are common in basketball, and many can be prevented.  Dr. Canty will discuss these conditions and tell you how to get your athletes “back in the game.” He will also share the latest research about injury prevention methods to keep your athletes on the court this season!

Coach with Character 
Kristin Gillette, Director, Champions of Character, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
Sports do not build character, character-driven adults do.  Learn the importance and ‘how to’ of putting character values into your daily practice plan. Develop your coaching philosophy one step further by defining, modeling, shaping, and reinforcing your character development plan.